Personalized Bridal Makeup in Newcastle

The world today is bursting with an abundance of unique wedding themes and ideas for Newcastle brides to choose from. When thinking about your makeup look, the help of a professional can really lighten the load by narrowing down some possibilities to make the decision making process easier for you. During your initial consultation with your Newcastle makeup artist, you will discuss any keywords, themes and visual interests that you would like to incorporate into your wedding. Your makeup artist will then help you think of your wedding in terms of a theme and will begin to organize some ideas for a makeup look. To help get some gears in motion for you, the following ideas are some popular bridal makeup trends in Newcastle.

Rustic Bride

A rustic wedding theme is all about fun. It’s a no-fuss party filled with food, laughter and dancing. Think of old -fashioned flavors, textures and neutral colors. Browns, auburns, maroons and greens are very complimentary to this type of wedding theme. Your Newcastle makeup artist will gather a selection of neutral looks for you to choose from that will focus on making you look natural, glowing and healthy.

Bohemian Bride

Bohemian wedding themes work very well with beach weddings, autumn weddings and summer weddings where the days are long and the nights are warm. Light, airy makeup with lots of highlighting goes well with this theme. A bohemian bride is a bride that is confident in her natural state, but also has a whimsical feel to her. She doesn’t take herself or her makeup too seriously.

Glamorous Bride

Glamorous bridal makeup looks suit the winter months where bolder makeup looks can really stand out. Glamorous makeup looks incorporate anything that makes a statement. Think false lashes, glitter, bold lips eyes. With glamorous looks, there really are no rules. It’s all about making your personality shine through your look!

Classic Bride

The classic bride is timeless. Our Newcastle makeup artists always suggest makeup looks that never go out of style for this wedding theme. Winged eyeliner, matte red lips, and a subtle cheek color are all looks that classic brides like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe all wore. The classic bride’s makeup is simple, chic and sophisticated. Your personal makeup artist will ensure that it stays put all night with the right invisible powders to keep it all in place.

There are many more bridal makeup themes to choose from. These are just a few to get you thinking about what type of bride you are. To book a consultation with one of our makeup artists, call our salon today! We are passionate about making women feel like the best, most beautiful and confident version of themselves on their special day. We can’t wait to discuss what kind of bride you want to be. Bring in any photos and ideas that you may have, and we will be sure to set the look in motion!